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Nothing hurts Oil & Gas companies more than produced water:

  • Formation water break-through leads to loss of well productivity
  • Corrosion, scaling, hydrates, erosion and sand clogging causes unplanned shutdowns
  • More water drives longer separator settling times and reduced processing capacity

At Sentech AS we use sensors and software to provide real time monitoring of water in any type of oil across several process industries. Our solution always yield a high return on investment!

It all starts with the SeCaP sensor:

Compact – less than 1 inch in diameter and lengthNon-intrusive – no pressure drop or flow obstructionsExtremely robust – takes temperatures up to 225 °C
SeCap can be used for applications where other technologies fall short, allowing operators to see through walls of vessels and piping
Since 1995, Sentech AS has supplied more than 2.500 SeCaP sensors around the world.

The Sentech Level Profiler embeds a string of SeCaP sensors to give operators a virtual vision into their process. The real-time, high resolution view of gas, foam, oil, emulsion and water layers inside separators, allows operators to prevent upset conditions and immediately see the effect of their efforts to optimize separation and oil throughput.

The Sentech Water Cut Meter employs multiple SeCaP sensors for a combination of features offered by no other supplier.

  • Measures the full range of 0 to 100% water.
  • Installs in-line for full bore measurement in any pipe diameter.
  • Introduces no flow restrictions and no pressure drop – fully Non-intrusive
  • Detects whether the flow is well mixed, separated or sluggish.
  • Measures % Water in two-phase and multiphase flow.

The Sentech Water Cut Meter is a great alternative to more expensive Multiphase meters, especially when water cut is more important than flow rates.

We are proud to present a range of proven and commercially successful products to the Oil & Gas and other process industries. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding our products!