Separator Optimization

A big, white "black box"?

If the separator is the biggest processing bottleneck, limits capacity and prevents higher production, the value of understanding and optimizing the performance of a separator can be massive.

Sentech AS are not experts in separator optimization.

Whether an integrator seeking to offer the most efficient closed loop control system in the industry, or an operator trying to maintain full processing capacity – our customers know a lot more about separator control than we do.

What Sentech AS excel at, is giving customers insight and data that they never had before.
When an operator understands exactly what is going on inside the separator, and immediately can see the effect of adjustments, finding those sweet-spot settings that reduce settling time and prevent upset conditions just gets a whole lot easier.

The additional information that the Sentech Level Profiler and Sentech Water Cut Meter can provide beyond the usual levels, inlet/outlet pressures and flow rates, includes:

  • Composition of inlet multiphase flow (esp. amount of water entering the separator)
  • Oil/water interface level
  • Presence and thickness (level) of any emulsion layer
  • Presence and thickness (level) of any foam build-up
  • Amount of residual water on oil outlet (efficiency of separation)
  • Direct feedback on efficiency of different demulsifiers and defoamers
  • Early warning of incoming slugs before they reach the separator

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