Subsea Water Leakage Detection

Avoiding unnecessary SCM retrievals

Although Subsea Control Modules (SCMs) are designed for continuous operation for 25 years or more, many operators experience failures that force them to retrieve and replace SCMs long before the end of their design life.

Two recurring causes for such failures are seawater ingress into the sealed SCM canister and internal hydraulic fluid leakage. Such leakages may not necessarily cause an immediate failure to SCM functionality – especially is the leakage is limited and the liquid level has already stabilized.

However, if a leakage has already occurred or started, it is vital to learn about it before the SCM fails

The longer term concern of a limited leakage is the increased corrosion on electronic components and connectors, as well as the risk of direct short-circuiting as a result of potential continued seawater ingress. If a leakage is already confirmed, it is equally critical to know if it is continuing – and if so, how quickly.

The Sentech Subsea Water Leakage Detector provides the earliest possible alarm of any water ingress into an SCM, and also allows operators to monitor the exact level of unwanted water.

This allow operators to evaluate the situation and balance the cost of any additional, unplanned subsea operation vs. the risk of a future shut-down and prolonged production losses:

  • Is it safe to continue production until next planned subsea operation?
  • Is it necessary to plan for retrieval and replacement ASAP to avoid premature shut-down?

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Subsea Water Leakage Detector

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