Sentech Level Profiler

A "virtual window" into separators and vessels.

While DP and guided wave radar level transmitters – and even mechanical floaters and visual gauges – serve their purpose in light, sweet crudes and generally when water separates easily from oil, heavier and more viscous crude oils introduce much more complex layers and less defined levels in production separators.

With tight emulsions, long settling times and severe foaming, operators need better information to optimize separator throughput, and still avoid excess water on the oil outlet and liquid carry-over on the gas outlet.

The Sentech Level Profiler is the only technology on the market able to provide this level of detail and seamless representation of complex separator layers without any nuclear sources.


The Sentech Level Profiler employs a series of SeCaP sensors allowing operators to "see through the walls" of the separator:

  • Accurate location of water, emulsion, oil, foam and free gas layers relative to top of weir plate
  • Seamless gradient color for varying water cut across emulsion layer
  • Customization of vertical resolution to customer requirements (1 cm resolution possible)
  • Optimization of resolution at critical levels in separator (e.g. just below top of weir plate)
  • Optional flushing capability for effective cleaning of sensors without affecting production

The Sentech Level Profiler employs a series of SeCaP sensors to generate a high-resolution profile of the water, emulsion, oil, foam and gas layers in separators and vessels

Typical applications

Beyond conventional production separators, other useful applications for the Sentech Level Profiler include:

  • Horizontal and vertical Free Water Knockout drums/vessels
  • Mechanical and electrical coalescers – to optimize process and throughput
  • Heater treaters – the Sentech Level Profiler can be supplied for temperatures up to 225°C
  • Storage tanks – to determine level of residual water gathered at the bottom of the tank

Optional sensor flushing system

The process wetted ceramic front end of each SeCaP sensor undergoes weeks of burn-in to close all porosities and achieve a repellent surface. But the SeCaP sensor surface is also exposed when wax, asphaltenes, resins and fine solids deposit on all surfaces inside the separator.

The Level Profiler software is able to detect contamination build-up on all sensors, but software alone cannot remove the dirt and grease responsible for poor measurements. Sentech AS has developed an integrated cleaning system, allowing simultaneous High Pressure jet flushing of all sensors with permanently installed nozzles – without having to retrieve the Level Profiler rod and without having to interrupt production.

A SeCaP sensor ceramic surface coated with Tectyl Bodysafe asphaltic wax (specific gravity of 0.91) before and after cleaning with Sentech AS integrated High Pressure jet flushing system.

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