Subsea Water Leakage Detector

Detecting and monitoring water ingress

Ideally, subsea equipment – including Subsea Control Modules – should be installed and left to operate continuously for the duration of the field design life. In the real world, operators suffer vessel cost and lost production due to Subsea Control Module failures. Sometimes, those failures are caused by seawater that had slowly been leaking into the control module canister until it shorts the electronic circuits.

If seawater ingress into a Subsea Control Module is suspected, it is important to understand if water is still leaking into the canister – and if so, how slowly or quickly the water level is increasing. This will allow operators to determine whether the SCM can be left to safely operate until a scheduled field operations, or whether an immediate – and more expensive – intervention is required to avoid shutting down production from the well in question.


The Sentech Subsea Water Leakage Detector provides such functionality:

  • Installs at the bottom of the SCM canister
  • Includes 3 individual SeCaP water sensors, spaced 40 mm apart (center to center)
  • Provides increasing water reading from bottom to top of individual sensors
  • Covers effective measurement area of approx. 100 mm

Three SeCaP sensors allows determination of water leakage rate

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