Sentech Water Cut Meter

Suitable for the most difficult applications

The Sentech Water Cut Meter is the only brand on the market that can be installed in-line and measure from 0 – 100% Water across the whole circumference of any pipe diameter – even 24” and larger. This allows operators to take advantage of existing pipe routing, and avoids the requirement for extra piping, flanges and valves for bypass arrangements.


The Sentech Water Cut Meter employs multiple SeCaP sensors for a combination of advantages offered by no other brand:

  • Full-bore measurement in any pipe diameter
  • 0 – 100% water-in- oil range for all sizes
  • No intrusive parts, no pressure drop, no flow restrictions
  • Suitable for two-phase and multiphase flow
  • Averages measurements at multiple locations around the pipe
  • Detects whether the flow is well mixed, separated or sluggish

Some of our sensors

Sentech single sensor Water Cut probe

4” Sentech Water Cut Meter with 4 SeCaP sensors (compact version)

4” Sentech Water Cut Meter with 8 SeCaP sensors

Typical applications

The Sentech Water Cut Meter is also one of very few brands that can measure directly at the wellhead, without the need for gas/liquid separation. It can therefore be used for real-time monitoring of individual wells, supporting immediate warnings when well behavior changes.Other common applications include – but are not limited to:

  • Slug detection – for early warning before excess water is hitting the process facilities
  • Production separator inlet monitoring – for early action before water level starts to increase
  • Production separator oil outlet monitoring – for continuous assessment of separator efficiency
  • Crude oil processing efficiency monitoring – for rapid identification of processing bottlenecks
  • Heavy oil monitoring – when viscosity, specific gravities and solids prohibit other technologies
  • Crude oil loading and fuel bunkering – for continuous verification of product quality (water content)
  • Water-in- Fuel emulsification – to allow optimum water-oil ratio for reduced soot and NOx emissions

Measurement accuracy

The uncertainty of the Sentech Water Cut Meter in two-phase flow (oil and water) is reduced for watercuts below 10%. Above 10%, the uncertainty is +/- 0.5% in continuous oil flow and +/- 1% in continuous water flow. With more than 10% gas (GVF), the uncertainty increases to +/- 2% due to the small effect of an unknown (uncompensated) change in hydrocarbon permittivity as a result of the gas and oil mixture.

Special versions

The Sentech Water Cut Meter can also be supplied as an intrusive or non-intrusive probe with a single SeCaP sensor. Since water and oil is never perfectly mixed, single-point measurement rarely offers the same accuracy as full-bore measurement. However, single-point solutions could are good alternatives when exact measurements are unnecessary.

Sentech AS also offer a compact subsea version of the water cut meter, with the same performance specifications as the traditional meter.

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